Garden as Nature is a blog written by Marija Mikolajczak.

My intention with this blog is to document my progress in creating an edible landscape and food forest on my suburban lot in Southwestern Connecticut. I’m influenced by permaculture’s three ethics of care for the earth, care for people, and sharing the surplus. I am constantly learning and experimenting in my garden as I work to convert it to a regenerative (beyond sustainable) landscape. The first few blog posts will be catching up on things that I have done over the past three years and newer posts will be based on current activities.

I have two children who are my gardening buddies and my husband is always willing to help me when I ask, so they may appear in the blog from time to time. I hope this blog will inspire you to make a small change toward a greener life, and I hope that you will comment and give me feedback, raise questions, and let me know what you think about what I’m doing here in my little corner of the world so that I can learn more, too.

I’ve been learning about gardening in a natural way over the past several years. I am inspired by permaculture, community gardeners, friends, and all of nature.

Despite our customary depiction of humans as apart from– and often at odds with– nature, I believe we are actually a part of nature. We are living organisms, animals, engaging in our ecosystem in our way.

A family photo will taking a hike to pick blueberries.
A family photo will taking a hike to pick blueberries.

Much conventional wisdom about gardening fails to look at the ecosystem as a whole while focusing on specific problems or goals such as “how to grow cucumbers.” My perspective is that all of us are part of this interconnected system, nature, and that our actions impact many other living things in nature – as well as ourselves. The challenge is to be able to step outside of the moment or task at hand to question whether there may be a better approach, because we are all so busy and its impossible to research every project at length.

I created this blog as a small contribution toward the cause of healing nature (including us) being undertaken by many other humans who have similar views and who want to engage in sustainable and regenerative gardening and living practices.

I am constantly learning and I love to share what I learn. I welcome your feedback, ideas, criticism, and suggestions.


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